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Project Açai – Healthy dessert meal

It was a hot and humid lunch day. Feeling a little perturbed by the uncomfortable heat, 😥 finding an air-conditioned place that is not too crowded took precedence over the search for the food itself.

Project Açai

As I walked past this particular staircase with the signboard “Project Açai“, something at the back of my mind told me to take a closer look. So, with a quick scan of the Tracetogether Safe Entry along with a quick temperature check, I entered a sparsely populated, spacious, cosy little compound. The cool, comfortable airconditioning did much to calm my nerves down quite a bit. 😅

Staying safe!

The decorations were not eyecatching, but they had a friendly, relaxing vibe. I proceeded to the counter to take a look at the menu displayed at the top.

What do they have?

To be honest, I don’t really know what açai and its benefits are. I’ve just been seeing and hearing about from people around me to just know that it’s somehow healthy for you. So, with the near-zero knowledge I had, an order for their “Original Flower Bowl” was placed along with a bottle of iced fruit tea.

Simple and cosy.

Looking out the French window at the traffic and people passing by, I gulped down my bottle of iced tea and welcome the waves of comfort as my order was being prepared. And in no time, the buzzer went off, signalling me to collect my Açai bowl.

Traffic and people watching.

The bowl looked really pretty and was filled beyond the top of the brim! A variety of fruit, including slices of strawberries, bananas, granola, and other berries, were laid in flower-like patterns, hence its namesake.

Original Flower Bowl.

Not really sure how to start eating; I just dug in with the spoon, scooping up a mix of the banana, granola, and a bunch of other stuff. The taste and texture have just the right amount of palatableness to make for a pleasant treat without feeling guilty about it. The crunch granola goes really well with everything, and I really love how refreshing every mouthful felt! 👍🏻

Delicious scoop!

Taking my time to slowly enjoy every spoonful of this generous bowl, I was really enjoying the quiet, relaxed environment. It felt like I am having both lunch and dessert together in one bowl! 😋

Overflowing with ingredients.

My verdict?

Thumbs up! I would say that this place is worth the visit, and I’m glad I listened to that inner voice to check them out. Definitely coming back!

Project Açaí
📍217 East Coast Road, #01-03, Tides, Singapore 428915
Visit their Website or Facebook Page for more details and other locations.

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