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东北小厨 – Perfect Northeastern Chinese Cuisine to dine with friends and family

Cool, wet evenings provide the perfect conditions for an evening of delicious Northeastern Chinese cuisine. And we found ourselves arriving at 东北小厨 one such evening just before the rain came pouring down.

We learned about this place from friends who have been here before. Apparently, they’re known for their tasty, delicious Northeastern Chinese cuisine.

Food In Local - Century Egg Tofu

Century egg tofu

We started with a cold dish—chilled tofu topped with a generous serving of century egg garnished with fresh spring onions. It was definitely a mouthwatering palate opener. 🤤 The silky soft tofu worked so well with the flavourful century eggs. We had to make a conscious effort to not stuffed ourselves before the rest of the dishes are here.

Next, we had the stir-fried mala french beans with minced pork. Crunchy and fresh, this popular dish’s flavours are enhanced by the tingling sensations and spice of the Sichuan peppercorns and chilli peppers. 👍🏻

Food In Local - Stir-fried mala long beans with ground pork

Stir-fried mala long beans with ground pork

Our order of winter melon mutton soup arrived next. I took a sip, and it was so full of flavours and yet, refreshing at the same time! So satisfying! 😌 The mutton chunks in the soup were terrific! The winter melon was sliced thinly and cooked just right. The texture was perfect. 👌🏻

Food In Local - Winter Melon Mutton Soup

Winter melon mutton soup

The grilled skewers we ordered came next. Each bite into the perfectly seasoned meats was so satisfying, especially the lamb. Heavenly! 🥲 Even the grilled buns were so tasty!

Food In Local - Mutton skewer

Mutton skewer

Food In Local - Grilled Fish

Grilled fish

Food In Local - Skewers

Grilled meat and buns!

Food In Local - Grilled buns

Grilled buns

Food In Local - Grilled skewers

Grilled meat skewers

Food In Local - 辣子鸡


To topped it all up, we had the 辣子鸡, a deep-fried, popcorn chicken-like dish full of aromatic flavours and kick from the mala spices! Washing all it down with some Snow beer and Erguotou (二锅头) made this meal so satisfyingly complete! 😌

Food In Local - 二锅头



Food In Local - Snow Beer

Delicious snow beer!

The hours went by quickly with the great company and food. This fantastic meal was over way too soon. I am now so looking forward to our next meal! 👍🏻 😊

12 Upper Cross St, Singapore 058329

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