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Kampong Carrot Cake – Deliciously chunky start to the day!

I’ve been exploring the Tiong Bahru Food Centre of late. It’s been a joyful adventure to revisit some old haunts and discover “new” ones that I used to skip.

One of such “new” discoveries is “Kampong Carrot Cake“. But what is fried carrot cake? According to what we found out from Google, carrot cake is a dish of Teochew origin. It is common in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Taiwan, with some of them rendering their own versions of this popular dish.

Sweet black sauce version. Deliciously flavourful!

What drew my attention to Kampong Carrot Cake was the name of the stall. It gave out an OG vibe with the word “Kampong”, so I decided it give it a go.

Kampong Carrot Cake

I placed an order for the mixed version, a combination of the black and white carrot cake all in one plate. I received my order soon and noticed immediately how chunky it was—very much different from the ones I had elsewhere.

Plate of chunky delight.

Many carrot cake stalls will chop up their carrot cake during the frying process into small bits. Beaten eggs will then be poured onto these bits to bind them together. The bounded carrot cake will then be cut and served in blocks.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Many of my friends like their carrot cake this way, but not me. The lack of bite left me wanting for more every time after I’m done with the meal.

Black and white. The best of both worlds.

Kampong Carrot Cake’s version is different in how they kept it chunky, served loosely. I can pick up the chunks and bite into the pieces with every mouthful.

Lightly crisped.

While frying, you know how hot the cooktop is from the billows of white steam surging from it. The heat creates a light, crispy crust that is only slightly burnt but can still give you that little bit of crunch with each bite.

Nice heat going!

Right sized chunks that you can bite into!

The volume of eggs used are just right, enough to draw out the flavours without the dish becoming an omelette. The amount of sweet dark sauce used for the black version is just right too. It hits the right spot to give it its delicious signature sweetness without overpowering the carrot cake’s natural flavours.

White eggy version that is just right!

I cleaned out the plate very quickly, washing it down with a cup of grass jelly drink. A perfect way to start the day!

I learned later that the owner has been doing this for over 3 decades! I can taste the experience and his signature in what he’s cooked up, definitely one of the better fried carrot cakes I’ve had.

Hard at work.

Kampong Carrot Cake at Tiong Bahru Food Centre
📍30 Seng Poh Rd, #02-53 Tiong Bahru Market, Singapore 168898

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