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Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee – Deliciously bowl of delight!

Xing Mei Xiang Lor Mee in Old Airport Road Food Centre is already well known, so why am I writing about it? It’s because I think it’s worth the rave to have someone write about it again, and it’s my first visit.

Yes. My first visit.

Well, technically not the first visit, but the first successful attempt at getting a bowl. Previous visits have either ended up with me arriving on days they don’t open, sold out, or encountering a queue so long that I simply gave up. 😔

Xin Mei Xiang lor mee

A worthwhile early morning queue

So I arrived this day at around 7.30am. And guess what? There was already a queue snaking from the stall to the stairs’ side by one of the food centre entrances. 😱 And the stacks of used bowls on the table outside their booth at such early hours is a pretty good testimony of how popular they are.

Stacks of finished lor mee. And this is way early in the morning! 😱

I planted myself right at the end of the line, and a sense of regret overcame me again when I saw the number of packets the customer at the head of the line carried off. However, this time, instead of giving up, I decided to bite the bullet and stay in the queue. 💪🏻

Fortunately, the line moved pretty quickly, and it only took around 15 minutes or so for my turn. Another minute or two was all it took for my order to be ready for collection.

The queue starts early, and doesn’t seem to end.

Settling down at one of the open-air seats, I took a look at the steaming hot bowl of lor mee and was promptly impressed. I straight up went for the big order, and I must say that they really are generous with their servings. 👍🏻

Famous lor mee!

A generous bowl of delight

The relatively large bowl was filled almost to the top. A whole hard-boiled egg was visible, garnished generously with coriander, and garlic. The thing that caught my eye was the pile of chopped fish meat covering the top. It looked fresh and delicious!

Look at the generous amount of chopped fish! 👍🏻

I dug in after giving the bowl a thorough mix, and I must say that it’s absolutely fantastic! The fish meat goes really well with the noodles, sauce and garnishes.

The taste is well balanced, absolutely mouthwatering, 🤤 and even though the serving is huge, it felt just right.

Delicious! 🤤

It took me a while to finish the whole bowl, but I was delighted with the entire experience. I now have an even better understanding of why there is this long queue, and why people would come here early in the morning to have a bowl. 😋

Saucy delight!

For those who have yet to experience this well-reputed bowl of lor mee, do find some time to come plant yourself comfortably in the queue for a bowl, you would not regret it. 👏🏻

📍 新美香卤面 Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee
51 Old Airport Rd, #01-116, Singapore 390051
Visit their Facebook Page for more details.

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