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He Ji – Great start to a day

On this particular day, having lined up a couple of appointments in Bishan, I thought it’ll be a good idea to start my day with breakfast in the area. I’ve heard of this canteen at level two of the Bishan bus interchange and decided to check the place out.

He Ji Wanton Noodles

He Ji at level two of Bishan bus interchange.

Arriving at the canteen, I spotted this brightly lit store selling roast meats, which seems to offer quite a substantial range of roast meat dishes. Deciding on a plate of wanton noodles, I placed my order and got my meal in a matter of minutes. I parked myself at a quiet corner table that allowed me a bit of privacy to enjoy my breakfast. 😌

The glistening plate of noodles, with its almost chunky thick slices of char siew, looks absolutely inviting. And the blocks of pork lard that they so generously added to the plate is most certainly teasing my anticipation of this meal. 😋

Delicious looking dish of wanton noodles

Can’t wait to eat! 😋

I tucked in, giving the plate a good mix, starting with the noodles, which were as good as it looks. Coated in the sauces, it was glisteningly delicious, with just the right amount of tension to have that delightful crunch. 🤤

Thickly sliced char siew

Thick and tender char siew

The char siew slices are thick, almost chunky, yet tender, not melt in your mouth kind but near that level of perfection! And the blocks of pork lard, crunchy and flavourful! Marvellous! 🥰

Pork lard!

Chunky, crunchy pork lard!

Meaty wantons

But what about the wantons? Like many of the ones that I like, the wantons are adequately filled with a good amount of meat. Not the most flavourful, but pretty good nonetheless. I think it balances out well with the rest of the meal. Excellent breakfast and a great way to fuel yourself at the start of the day! 👏🏻

514 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570514, level two of the bus interchange.

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