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Ma Baker – Family goodness worth checking out

“New bake’s in the house!” 📢

“What?!” 🤨

Wondering what the commotion’s about, I looked up to see a kraft box with the words “Ma Baker” shoved into my face. 😳

Ma Baker Box

New bake’s in the house

Ah! My order of a lamb pie is here. I learned about this new home business recently. Always game for some lamb, I decided to place an order to see how they are.

When the box was handed to me, I was surprised by the heft; in fact, it threw off a beefy thud when I placed it on the table. Opening the box, I was a little taken aback by the vast, glossy freshness that greeted me! The pie is freaking huge! 😱

Big fresh pie

Worth its weight

“I think we’re going to have trouble finishing this.” 🤨

“Yeah. That’s what I thought. We’re going to need help.”, I answered. 🤔

“Well, we can chill it for the rest; let’s have a slice first.” 😋

Impressed by the densely packed pie!

A flurry of kitchenware activities later, we plated a tiny slice and dug in with our forks. 🍴 So what do we think of it?

Densely packed

First, let’s start with the crust. Surprisingly thin, it still managed to hold onto a massive amount of succulent fillings. It kept its form and shape just fine. Our knife sliced in easily without crumbling the crust to slide out a piece beautifully, unlike many others we had before that disintegrated into oblivion. 👍🏻

Digging in for a taste!

The fillings are generously rich and dense. I think the only reason it’s not overflowing or falling off is how tightly packed they are. The moist chunks of lamb are sauced thoroughly with fantastic flavours and taste absolutely delicious! Some would find it too bright, but the sweet soft lumps of carrots balance out the lamb’s intense flavours perfectly! 🤤

Taking the flavours up a notch (Suparku Cajun)

We had some Suparku cajun mix on hand and decided to experiment with it on the fillings to see how it would taste. 🤪 Sprinkling a generous amount on it, we then took another bite. We must say that it gave the fillings a different kind of kick, a pretty good one too, but I would say that the fillings are already pleasing as they are. 👌🏻

Delicious fillings!

Overall, a delicious hefty piece of delightful family goodness worth checking out! Just make sure you are prepared to share this goodness around; the portion’s huge, you have been warned! Enjoy! 👏🏻

Ma Maker

Check them out at <https://www.mabaker.sg>

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