Many times, we don’t understand where our food comes from. We don’t understand the amount of work and the techniques that goes into growing the products.
– Sven Yeo, Founder of Just Produce.

A Range of Leafy Greens and Herbs

When I first tasted the vegetables from Just Produce, I was very impressed. Especially with their mustard plant and ice plant. The mustard plant tasted just like wasabi and had that wasabi kick as well! I was also pleasantly surprised by the ice plant’s refreshing juiciness that had a very delightful saltiness to it. And believe it or not, these are all grown in Singapore!

Before our visit to the urban farm, it was difficult to imagine such delicious plants being grown indoors and in Singapore. 

And this observation was shared by Sven. He pointed out the need to create more awareness among Singapore consumers about these locally (Singapore) produced, high-quality fresh vegetables. And these greens are often superior in quality when compared to air-flown vegetables.

One of our (FoodInLocal) reason for producing this urban farming series is to help create awareness and support for local urban farmers in Singapore. We believe that consumers should be made aware of and be proud of what our local farming enterprises can achieve.


During our production, we enjoyed our visit to one of Just Produce’s customers, the Vineyard at HortPark. It’s a charming “garden-to-table” French-Italian restaurant that many have said to deliver a feast for the senses.

Our visit allowed us to taste some incredibly delicious dishes created by Chef Richard of Vineyard using fresh produce.

We were treated to their Barramundi Acqua Pazza & Acqua Faba Pavlova; both featured the fresh produce.

Their Barramundi Acqua Pazza features mainly locally produced ingredients. The Barramundi is farmed from Ah Hua Kelong, and the ice plant from Just Produce. It’s prepared acqua pazza style, and you can expect the dish to be packed with mouthwatering freshness.

The Acqua Faba Pavlova (one of the signatures in Vineyard) is a vegan-friendly meringue-based dessert made with chickpeas, served with passion mango curd, and a concasse of fruits.

Both dishes are absolute treats, the meats and sauces, and the use of the fresh produce are perfect!

“But some customers would finish the meat and leave the vegetables.”, Chef Richard shared. He sincerely hopes that more people will be made aware of and appreciate the existence, the work behind, and the benefits of these locally produced vegetables. It would be fantastic for all to support the efforts of Singapore’s local urban farmers. 

Let’s Give It A Go

During the Circuit Breaker in 2020, concerns were raised about our food source’s origins and the sustainability of our supply chain.

One year later, although the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, we have slowly, and indeed, made adjustments to learned and live in these new circumstances. People are now breathing a little sigh of relief that our food supply chain is now more stable. However, this stability should not take it for granted.

Supporting local produce helps with the growth and maturity of Singapore’s local urban farming industry. And more importantly, it also ensures the sustainability of our food supply in the long run. 

Each produce is actually grown here… I think ultimately, for our industry to grow, we do need the support of Singaporeans to give us a try.
– Sven

You can visit their website for more information and find out how you can support them.

📍Just Produce
7 Buroh Lane, Commonwealth Capital Building #06-06, Singapore 618291

Website: https://www.justproduce.sg/

📍Vineyard at HortPark
33 Hyderabad Road, HortPark, Singapore 119578

Restaurant’s Website: https://www.vineyardhortpark.com.sg/

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